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At an early age, Mifa is drawn to sketching and takes classes with sculptor and professor Flavio de Faveri in his art studio for more than two years. Quickly she is able to give free rein to the expression of her art during that period. Her educational curriculum in sciences leads her to the South Pacific where she first became in charge of investment operations in the building trade, then representative to the President of the government.


Back in her native country around year 2000, she diversifies her techniques to finally devote herself to oil painting. She attends classes at the National Fine Arts School (Beaux-Arts) in Paris with Gilles Marey.


In 2010, she spends all her time painting. Passionately fond of architecture, the majority of her paintings are about New York City, where she travels to on a regular basis.  Her pictures reflect her purged perception of the city, a photographic vision of pure architecture where the human being is absent after creating it. Through all her canvasses, she is in quest of solitude in that area of mega urban development and the perspectives she loves to seize are quite as many links from the material to the immaterial world


- Art Shopping Carrousel du Louvre 

- Salon dʼété Galerie Art Présent Paris  

- Créative Galerie Marché dʼArt Contemporain Village dʼAuteuil Paris XVI 

- Galerie des Carmes Toulouse

- 1ère PO des ateliers dʼartistes du XVIème

- Marché des Peintres Rueil Malmaison 

- Marché dʼArt Contemporain Village dʼAuteuil Paris XVI : 2ème prix du Député Maire Claude Goasguen

- GMAC de Chatou Ile des Impressionnistes 

- 2ème PO des ateliers dʼartistes du XVIème 

- ART en CAPITAL , Grand Palais 

- Médiathèque Rueil Malmaison (Coukidis)

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