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FKDL's interview

Frank Duval aka FKDL lives and works fulltime as an artist in Paris, France.  His street art career began in 2006 and now his dynamic collage work can be seen worldwide. FKDL’s work evokes femininity, fashion, light, time, and cinema. It is grazing the walls of Bushwick, Brooklyn, as well as numerous other walls located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

How would you best describe your artwork?

I began to paint in the 80’s. Then in the early 9o’s I began to present my art to the public. My art is about paper and recycling paper. I collect old magazines of movie stars from the 20’s-70. I give new life to these magazines via my work. I create mix-media art in which I hand paint black silhouettes of old movie stars and then interweave collage taken from these old magazines. My art is for everybody.

Who are your influences?

At first my influences were very classical. Picasso, Henri Matisse, Gaston Chaissac and Jacques Villegle.  Villegle was the most important to me! He is from the 60’s and was part of  "The New Realists. He’s the only one still alive. Others are: Arman, Raymond Hains, Mimmo Rotella, Yves Klein, Jean Tinguely, Pierre Restany. From my generation and from what I call Artists in life, there is: Speedy Graphito, Ernest Pignon. From the US & from Street Art: Gabriel Specter, Gaïa, Dan Witz, Judith Supine, Elbow Toe, Dain, Bast and Swoon

Do you ever collaborate with other artists?

Yes, I have a lot of times. This last year I invited four artists to collaborate on canvas. I invited them to my studio, but it takes a lot of time because all artists have very big egos as well as, busy schedules.  I want to do more when I can find the time. For my collaboration with French artists in my last exhibition about Cinema, we work around the theme of the movie poster. The name of exhibition was “CINE - PARIS” Additional collaborations: With STOUL, it was a tribute to Marylin Monroe, With DUME, it was a tribute to film (terror / Horror), With MR. LOLO, it was a tribute to Bette Davis, With BEERENS, it was a tribute to “Birds” from Hitchcock

How long have you been working as a street artist?

It was a step-by-step process with the influence of some very good street artists in Paris, France. I did a collaborative show with them in 2003 and eventually they convinced me to take my art to the streets in 2006. I love the idea of the free act of expression.

Do you only work on legal wall?

Not at all! Even in New York, I did a lot of non-legal walls. I know in the USA it is sometimes difficult because they are not very happy with street art, but in Paris it is simple. I’ve never been arrested from doing collage on non-legal walls. They don’t mind paper because it doesn’t destroy the wall, but they don’t like the spray can. I only work during the day because at night there are a lot of people out on the streets drunk. Also, I cannot take a good photograph of my image once it is complete. I’ve been all over the world working on non-legal walls and have only been arrested once while I was visiting London. I was putting up one of my wheat pastes in a heavily tagged area when I was approached by a police officer. The police officer told me he didn’t like me because I was French. Therefore, I was arrested, but eventually they let me go and didn’t charge me.

Is there one movie icon that you favor in your work?

Not one movie icon, but I love a lot of actors. For example, last year I made a tribute to the Greek actor, Anthony Quinn. I was in one of his movies in 73’ when I was just ten years old. Last year I thought it would be nice to create a tribute. I would say that most of my work is 80-90% women, because I love women. I have never met Elizabeth Taylor or Hepburn, but I love these women, so I added them into my work as well as, Marlene Dietrich.

Where did you put up your first piece?

I did my first piece in Paris of course, but in 2007 I began to travel. I put apiece up in New York in 2007 and then in Italy, because my Mother is Italian so I thought it was important.

How has your work changed over the years?

It has changed over the years by the magazines I have collected. For years I didn’t know what I was going to do with all these magazines, but eventually I was able to create my own style. I noticed the difference between the 20’s, 30’s, and 60’s etc. I noticed some of them have sepia color others have more greens, blues or black n’ white, which allows me to create different images with light & color. Also, in the streets I can try new characters. It is a good way for me to explore my art.

What do you see as the role of the artists in society?

For me it is important to try and create a social boom where you bring together the old and young with people of all classes, rich and poor to create a special bond. It is a way to make society better.

What can your fans look forward to in the future?

I use Facebook to share my events, but sometimes the shows are small and private. Therefore, my fans can keep watching my street art because I will always try my new characters on the street. Also, my studio is like a laboratory, so sometimes I try to work on wood and other objects to surprise my fans.Franck Duval aka FKDL 
Lives and works in Paris (1963)

He began painting in the 80s and presents his work to the public in 1992. Barely a decade later, this fan of collage discovers and develops Art Scotch (created by Joseph Gil Wolman). With this technique, he becomes FKDL and joined the heart of the street art in 2006. The recycling of old magazines is one of his specialities and his approach is both artistic and humanistic: he makes his imaginary accessible to all on the city walls and on canvas for exhibitions.


Marcel Pagnol’s Exhibition "De l'encrier au projecteur" in Centre d'Art des Pénitents Noirs à Aubagne, du 2 octobre au 30 janvier 2016.



For COP 21 Street art Artiste and ONG CARE France : "Le climat au pied du mur : le Street art se mobilise" (cf « news »)

Exhibition at "Bonheur des Dames", Primo Piano Bon Marché 24 rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris

Price Aubagne Capitale Marcel Pagnol 2015

Bruxelles Book Fair Imaginarium Belgique


Exhibition One More Time Bon Marché (Primo Piano), Paris

Exhibition Swing Time Gallery, Paris

Marcel Pagnol Price Fouquet’s, Paris 

Exhibition Bushwick Collective Art Show Brooklyn, New York


Exhibition Winter Palace La PoPartiserie, Strasbourg

Exhibition Ciné – Paris “Cinéma des Cinéastes”, Paris

French Vintage Antiques Fair Plaza Hollywood, Hong Kong

Exhibition Midi-Minuit New Heart City Gallery, Paris


Exhibition in solo Morgan Mc Kinley, Paris

Exhibition Matchbook Cover Since Upian Gallery, Paris

Toiles de Couture Bon Marché (Primo Piano), Paris

Mix 'Art at Guyana’s school


Exhibition “Scenes de vie” New Heart City Gallery, Paris

Street Art Residence, St Quentin en Yvelines France


10 years Marcel Pagnol’s Price Le Fouquet's, Paris

Exhibition “Les Rencontres du Monde des Livres”,  Paris

10 ans de Chinon en Jazz (Performance) France


Metro Monde Since Upian gallery, Paris 

Mix 'Art at Guadeloupe’s school


Exhibition Standart Time Le Petit Faucheux, Tours


Exhibition FKDL Studio Plus XXX Paris


Exhibition “Collages” La Halle Saint Pierre, Paris


Exhibition “Un Poisson Rouge au Cœur Fou”, Paris


Exhibition Losange au Tamla, Paris

Exhibition Dizyit La Goutte d’Or, Paris


Exhibition Seven 7 expos, 7 Places, 49 Paintings, Paris

Exhibition Kraft Automates Museum, Paris  


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