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After Paris’s HEC business school and the Brussels École des Beaux Arts, Corinne began exhibiting in 2005 in Madrid, then in New York and Geneva, before settling in Paris. 

Her style feeds on her fascination with Pop Art, American Realism and Bauhaus.

Corinne works only in oil on canvas or on metal to obtain the greatest transparencies. Her paintings reflect high sensitivity and an acute sense of space structuring and of the importance of emptiness and silence. She uses monochromatic spaces, especially white ones, to introduce silence as well as to rest the observer’s eye and to bring the interactions between the various visual elements into focus. A hint of the comic strip is also present. Corinne enjoys contrasts, between the hard lines and the receding perspectives of the urban space and the gentle roundness of curves – especially female curves – as well as contrasts between highly realistic representations and graphic imagery that verges on the abstract.

Her favorite themes centre on the interactions of humans, especially female, with their urban environment.


- Permanent Exhibition at the Art France Gallery, Paris

- Guy Martin Workshop 

- The Mairie of Paris’s 3rd arrondissement 

- Terre de Contrastes Gallery, Dinard

- Veronese Gallery, Nantes

- Christofle Salons, Paris

- Art City Gallery, Paris

- Salon des Indépendants, Paris 

- Lineart Salon, Gand – Belgium

- Estandarte Gallery, Madrid

- Drouot Auctions, Neuilly

- Art Capital Salon - Grand Palais, Paris

- Salon d’Automne, Paris

- Estampa Salon 

- Galerie Nouvelle, New York  

- Gaudi Gallery 

- Europ’Art Salon, Geneva

- Solo Exhibition, Estay Arte, Madrid

- Art Expo, New York 

- Rina Bouwen Gallery, Madrid

- Saphir Gallery, Paris

- HEC - Jouy en Josas

- Prado Workshop in Madrid 

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