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◽️ C215

◽️ C215

Urban artist, stencil master, internationally recognized, C215 graduated in History and History of Arts. 

Since 2006, he works and lives in Vitry-sur-Seine, where he invited hundreds of international artists to transform his city, which has become a high place of urban art. Willing to humanize the cities, he painted on the walls of more than 25 countries. Exhibiting in both atypical places and modern galleries, his works painted on canvas or on recycled objects brought him an international notoriety. He has exhibited at the Pantheon, at the Palais de Tokyo, the EDF Foundation, the National Museum of the Automobile in Mulhouse, the Benedictine Palace, the Museum of Arts and Crafts and both cities of Reims and Fécamp devoted him a retrospective.

He participated in the M.U.R., a project for which he painted a majestic 25-meters-cat. The French Postal services ordered him several stamps. He likes to mix poetry and emotion with his anonymous but expressive faces. 

His work, full of humanity, comes in duotone to more frank colours. His favourite subjects are childhood, the underprivileged, anonymous or lovers, but also animals.

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